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PPE- Personal Protection Equipment

Personal Protection Equipment Is more important than ever before.

CTJ has solutions for maintaining personal hygiene at the office, job sites, events

and more.

Desk Top Shields / Sneeze Guards

For retail, commercial, office, schools, salons, reception spaces

and more.

Sneeze guards act as a barrier to impeded airborne bacteria and are 

available in custom sizes to fit your application, creating a personal

protected workspace with you and your employee’s safety in mind.

CTJ's Desktop Sneeze Guards are easily assembled with no hardware

required.  They assemble in seconds, and slide into included

self-adhesive bases.

They can be used on any countertop, are easy to clean, and portable.

Desktop sneeze guards also available with a built-in pass-through

slot at the bottom to allow documents through while remaining

effective as a physical barrier.

Vertical, U Shaped, L shaped and custom sizing available.

Discounts are available for bulk purchases.

Freestanding, washable clear divider panels on a sturdy

self-adhesive base to help keep your employees and clients

safe while reinforcing your commitment to safety. Sneeze

guards act as a barrier to impede airborne bacteria and

viruses. Sneeze guards are available in custom sizes to fit your

application. Easy assembly with no drilling required. An

optional built-in slot at the bottom of sneeze guards allows

for documents, small objects, or money to be passed-through

to the other side.


Vertical Portable Partitions / Sneeze Guards


24”  30"   36"  48"



10" x 8"  "8" x 8"



Lshaped .png

U-Shaped  Portable Partitions/ Sneeze Guards


FRONT DIMENSIONS: 48" Wide x 48" Tall

SIDE DIMENSIONS: 30" Wide x 48" Tall



Designed to create protected workspaces in an office environment, these Sneeze guards act as a physical barrier that surrounds desks, conference tables, countertops, or other working spaces. The Sneeze Guard partition includes a 3 sided shield securely mounted on a self-adhesive base plate that is easily installed with no drilling required. Custom sizes available upon request.

Free Standing Sanitizing Stations

These sturdy sanitizing stations are great for on the go wash ups when a sink is not readily

available or where people are coming in and out of areas where there are multiple touch points.

Great for office spaces, golf courses, amusement parks, petting zoos, carnivals, convention

centers, food courts and more. These Sanitizing Stations are designed with your health and

safety in mind.

Choose a “ Touchless “ Automated Liquid Sanitizer Dispenser or pull down Sanitizing wipes

with a trash receptacle on board for easy disposal and cleanup. We can add your personal logo

to help brand your business upon request. Custom sizes and colors available.


Mobile Handwashing Stations

Handwashing Stations are perfect for outdoor events, parks, construction, isolated oilfield

facilities, golf courses, petting zoos and more.  CTJ’s Trailer Mounted handwashing station

complies with all OSHA and CDC safety requirements. Following social distancing guidelines,

each sink is 6 ft apart, equipped with soap and paper towel dispensers and foot pedal controls

to operate water supply. Hot Water on Demand, with Automated and Touchless options available.


Mobile Handwashing Trailer Sizes:


4 Sinks on an 8 ft Trailer

6 Sinks on a 15 ft Trailer

8 sinks on a 20 ft trailer

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•          Safety Plex Mirrors

•          Commercial Grade Formica Counter Tops

•          All Plumbing PVC & PEX

•          Plumbed for Easy Winterization

•          High Efficiency Electric Water Heater

•          2″ Waste Valve & ¾” Clean Water Connection

•          Fresh Water Pump Assembly – Continuous Flow

•          500 Gallons Fresh Water Tank with Site Glass

•          500 Gallon Grey Water Tank with Site Glass

•          USB 110V Outlet Inside

•          (4) 110 Volt Outlets w/ Charging Shelf

•          Hoses and Connections Clearly Labeled

•        1140 Gallon Gray Water Bag to Meet                    California Fire Requirements

•        Stainless Steel Counter-Tops 

•        Solar Package for Off Grid Operation –              Panels, Batteries,

          Inverter etc. 

•        20V Impact Driver Kit (for changing                    tires and leveling trailer automatically)

•        4000 watt Inverter Generator

          w/ 15 Gallon fuel tank----

•        Extra Water Pump

•        Dual 7500 Lb. Axle

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Standard Packages include the following:


•          Solid Steel Frame 100% Weather Coated

•          Heavy Duty Tires with Full Size Spare

•          Load Leveler Jacks at all 4 Corners and               Tongue

•          Aluminum and Stainless Steel Exterior

•          LED Interior & Exterior Lights on a                         Dimmer Control

•          Lockable Storage Area

•          Single 7500 Lb. Axles

•          2” Standard Ball Hitch

•          DOT LED Safety and Light Package

•          Fold up Lift Panel / Cover

•          (6) Stainless Steel Sinks

•          Touchless Water Faucets

•          Paper Towel Dispensers

•          Liquid Soap Dispensers

Optional Handwashing Trailer Adder Items


•         Emergency Eye Wash Station

•         Port-o-Potty and Back of Trailer Hauler                 Attachment

•         Sanitizing Trailers keep everyone healthy.

•         Hands Free Faucet - Upgrade

•         Hands Free Soap - Upgrade

•         Hands Free Paper Towel - Upgrade

•         Custom Trailer Skirt with Customer                        Branding 

•         Propane Water Heater w/ 40 Lb LP Tank

•        4 Foot Storage Compartment onto the                 Front of the Trailer

CTJ’s trailers are designed and fabricated in our shop by our experienced team.


•        Self-Contained

•        Touchless operations

•        Multiple sizes available

•        On demand water heaters

•        Electric, Solar Powered / generator backup.

•        Mirrors, Paper Towels,

•        Soap dispensers

•        Phone Charging Station

•        Custom Designs Available with Your Logo

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