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We want you to know what you can expect from CTJ Energy, which is why we undergo testing, evaluation and certification procedures conducted by independent experts.  We currently hold the following certifications:

ASME :: Boiler and Pressure Vessel CODE. Section VIII Division 1, and Code Case Division 2, High Pressure 'U'

NACE ::  Compliant with SPO472-2010 and other Vessel Corrosion Corrosion Specifications

NBBI 'R' Stamp: National Board of Bolier and Pressure Vessel Inspectors Repair


NBBI 'NB' Stamp: National Board Registration of Manufacturer's Data Reports

OSHA :: Occupational Safety and Health Act 29 CFR Compliant and Current

SolidWorks :: CAD Certified Professional for Mechanical Design

US DOT :: Inspection for New Construction, Trailer CFR-49

ISN Networld :: CTJ Energy Solutions joined ISN Networld to participate, advertise and showcase our abilities

GPSA :: Dedicated to the improvement of midstream production

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