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CTJ Energy Solutions’ Heated Separator design efficiently removes liquids from oil and gas streams while also introducing heat to protect production equipment. Our standard unit is a horizontal three-phase separator equipped with an internal heating element and is rated to handle higher pressures than a traditional heater treater, up to 720 psi.

Standard Features

  • Temperature controller

  • High temperature thermostat shutdown

  • Liquid gauge assemblies

  • Pressure gauge with isolating valve

  • Thermal relief valve

  • Oil and water outlet control valves

  • Oil and water liquid level controllers

  • Fuel gas scrubber with high-level shut off and drain

  • Fuel gas regulator


  • Gas back-pressure valve

  • Flame arrestor

  • Single well or multi well design

  • Manway

  • Clean-out connections

  • Assembled skid-mounted unit

  • Vessel insulation

  • Internal anti-corrosive coating

  • High liquid level shutdown

  • Low liquid level shutdown

  • Sour gas service designed and built to NACE standards

  • Customization to meet additional specifications

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