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CTJ Energy Solutions has designed a Gas Production Unit (GPU) with today’s producer in mind. Each GPU is built to accurately separate the well stream efficiently and easily. 2 or 3 phase separators have a compact, yet high capacity, nozzle orientation that allows us to minimize the footprint of production equipment on your wellpad. The enclosed units protect the instrumentation and equipment from harsh weather conditions.

We are able to adapt to any customer specifications in a single or multiple separator set up and can add modular sand separators to the GPU skid to protect your investment from solids erosion. All process piping is built in house to allow for quick and easy set up in the field.
Bolt up and start flowing.


Skid Mount With

Integrated Sand Separators

Pre-assembled Process Piping

2 or 3 Phase Separator

Integrated Sand Separators

Coreolis Liquid Measurement

Remote Location Automation


NACE and ASME Compliant

Single or Dual Separator

Enclosure Designs


Permanent installations
Multi-Well Pads
Extreme weather protection
Sour Gas Compatible
Customized flow control and measurement

ASME Section VIII Div.1

National Board Registered

3.5 to 1 Safety Factor

NACE Certified

Full X-ray Examination

Ultrasonic and Hydrostatic

As-Built Verification

Custom Engineered

Modular/Compact Design

Allows for Quick and

Easy Installation

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