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Dual Flares, High Pressure, Low Pressure, Utility


Our engineers at CTJ have extensive experience in designing and fabricating the best solutions for utility flare systems to fit all sizes and needs. Our utility flares are designed to eliminate common issues in and around production areas and to maximize fuel burnoff, creating safer, cleaner job sites, that comply with federal, state and local regulations, even in harsh environments. 

CTJ Dual Flare

 Our signature “flaring” combustion unit combines both the production gas stream and the tank vapor gas streams into ONE flaring unit, saving producers time and money on each location.  The CTJ Dual Flare   has been designed from the ground up to meet New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) Subpart OOOO (Quad-O) and other standards achieving environmental compliance and remaining within your AFE.

Air-Assisted Flares

85% of all CTJ flares are equipped with high efficiency air blowers that deliver an appropriate amount of air to mix with waste gas stream at the optimal point of combustion; flaring site must be equipped with AC power.


Gas-Assisted Flares

Equipped with gas jet nozzles strategically positioned inside the CTJ flare tip, in order to pull in adequate amounts of air to mix with waste gas stream prior to combustion.  Using less supply gas than any other manufacturer’s gas-assisted flares, CTJ’s flares still achieve smokeless operation and 98-99.9% VOC destruction rate.

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