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CTJ Energy Solutions’ BTEX Eliminator is a heat exchanger condensing system used to capture and recycle BTEX and VOCs from the regenerator still column. Condensed liquids are collected and

evacuated to storage, while the VOC vapors are sent to combustion or compression.  BTEX Eliminators capture benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene (BTEX) and other volatile  organic compounds (VOCs) from the still column of triethylene glycol (TEG) regenerators. They also reduce operating costs by recovering sellable condensates and using VOC vapors for burner fuel. The BTEX Eliminator is available in various sizes to work with with a range of glycol regenerators.

Standard Features

  • Temperature controller

  • High temperature thermostat shutdown

  • Liquid gauge assemblies

  • Pressure gauge with isolating valve

  • Thermal relief valve

  • Oil and water outlet control valves

  • Oil and water liquid level controllers

  • Fuel gas scrubber with high-level shut off and drain

  • Fuel gas regulator


  • Gas back-pressure valve

  • Flame arrestor

  • Single well or multi well design

  • Manway

  • Cleanout connections

  • Assembled skid-mounted unit

  • Vessel insulation

  • Internal anti-corrosive coating

  • High liquid level shutdown

  • Low liquid level shutdown

  • Sour gas service designed and built to NACE standards

  • Customization to meet additional specifications

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