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CTJ Energy Solutions’ Glycol Dehydrator design removes water vapor from gas streams to protect your pipelines and processes. Our design is fully customizable to accommodate your application.

The Glycol Dehydration Unit is a reliable, efficient system for removing water from natural gas well streams in order to meet typical pipeline and process specifications. Multiple stages of removal are contained on a single skid-mounted unit, giving you a wide range of options and flexibility to configure the system to your specific application.

Standard Features

  • Energy-saving shell insulation

  • Removable fire tube and stack

  • Thermostat with thermowell

  • Fuel gas regulator, scrubber and pressure gauges

  • Integral insulated storage compartment

  • Liquid level gauge assembly

  • External glycol/glycol heat exchanger

  • Heavy-duty welded structural steel skid with lifting lugs and pull bars


  • Burner safety low (BSL)/ignitor

  • Solar panels to power burner safety
    low detector

  • Programmable logic controller system (PLC)

  • Burner management system

  • LSL/LSH connections

  • Stack arrestor and down-draft diverter

  • Environmental drip pan

  • Pilot flame-out safety shut-down with manual reset

  • Alternate gas or electric standby pump

  • Glycol pump shut-down

  • Special paints and coatings

  • Skid mounting

  • Environmental drip pan

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