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CTJ Energy Solutions’ Heater Treater utilizes heat and mechanical separation to treat large volumes of crude oil by removing water and emulsion from the wellstream.  Our standard unit is a horizontal  two-phase separator equipped with internal fire tubes and is rated to handle higher pressures up to 500 psi.

Standard Features

  • Inlet oil/emulsion shroud

  • Removable firetube and stack

  • High-efficiency burner and pilot assembly

  • Temperature controller

  • Tubular liquid level gauge assemblies

  • Pressure gauge with isolating valve

  • Oil level controller and dump valve

  • Water level controller and dump valve

  • Pressure relief valve

  • High temperature shutdown controller

  • Gas back-pressure valve

  • Fuel gas scrubber with high-level shutdown

  • 18 inch manway


  • Pilot flame-out safety control (BSL)

  • High/low liquid level shut off (LSHL)

  • Flame arrestor

  • Stack arrestor

  • Anode

  • Skid mount

  • Insulation

  • Ladder and platform

  • Cold weather housing

  • Internal coating

  • Sour gas service built to the NACE standard

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