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CTJ Energy Solutions’ Enclosed Combustors are the product of choice when enclosed flames and smokeless combustion are required for low pressure tank vapors, or other VOC destruction applications.

   Standard Features

  • Stainless steel burner

  • Ceramic fiber lined combustor stack

  • Air-assist blowers for smokeless operation, if required

  • Fuel efficient pilot


  • Solar powered control and ignition systems

  • Liquid knock-out drums

Thermal oxidizers are combustion devices that control VOC, CO, and volatile HAP emissions by

combusting them to carbon dioxide (CO2) and water. Important design factors include temperature (a temperature high enough to ignite the organic constituents in the waste stream), residence time (sufficient time for the combustion reaction to occur), and turbulence or mixing of the combustion air with the waste gas.

Standard Features

  • Skid mounted packages


  • Remote monitoring

  • Auto dial out

  • Auto delay shutdown

  • Auto restart on power failure

  • UPS backup

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